Green environmental responsibility

The European Union implementing its policy on the recycling of plastic packaging and circular calls on Member States to set national annual targets for the recycling rate provided by the current legislation.

Our country, faithful to the European idea, expects to strengthen the concept of reciprocity recycling, the implementation of separate waste collection, collection infrastructure and waste treatment and the intensification of the public information campaign.

I Air-plast sevómeni to perivállon me evaisthisía kai symmorfoúmeni plíros me tis ischýouses diatáxeis kai koinotikés odigíes, leitourgeí 2 grammés parágogis anakýklosis (anagénnisis ylikoú) me etísio ónko 500.000 kg pou epanachrisimopoioúntai gia tin paragogí állon proïónton. Air-plast respecting the environment with sensitivity and fully complying with the existing ones provisions and Community directives, operates 2 production recycling lines (material regeneration) with an annual volume 500,000 kg reused for the production of other products.

In addition, it has an active role in the development of sustainable and cost-effective green ecological plant species product, taking care of alternative management.

Reskos Ioannis

General Manager