Product Categories

The PP polypropylene film is yes suitable for direct contact with food and used for packaging of a wide range products such as legumes, pasta, bakeries, fruits, vegetables and many other applications where its packaging is required.
Packaging films, single or multi-layered, designed for automatic packaging machines used for bundling products, incorporating a shrink furnace. These films have the ability to evenly collect and stabilize the packaged products, such as PET bottles, aluminum cans, etc.
The perforated film is characterized by a distinctive perforated surface, with two zones of apertures, which ensure ventilation on packaged products..
The stretch hood film is used on automatic machines that achieve high packaging speed. It is produced by a state-of-the-art multi-layer extruder, using special raw materials to meet the requirements of each individual customer.
The product is used as a hood for pallets and can be shrunk through heat application, generated from either a furnace or a burner.
The pallet cover film (TOP COVER) covers the top of the pallet, and, combined with a stretch film wrapping, it offers the perfect packaging solution.
Single-layer and multi-layer packaging films designed for automatic packaging machines without a shrinking furnace. They are used for the packaging of consumables, fertilizers, salt, etc.
Specifically, some of their illustrative uses include packaging for food products, frozen and fresh, liquid and solid, as well as ice packaging, salt packaging, etc.
Carton bags are made made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) or low density (LDPE), from primary materials with increased specifications, suitable for food.
Made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) from primary materials with dried specifications, suitable for food.
Ideal way of storage and transport liquid products, with a special resistance to adhesion drilling.
The mattress bag is made of polyethylene and is available for single and double mattress sizes. Its thickness ranges from 50μm to 100μm.
The distinctive characteristics of the above products include the production of a large number of pieces per kilo, excellent transparency and improved mechanical strength, ideal for use on packaging machines.
Stretch film constituted the most commonly used way of pallet wrapping. It is made of low-pressure polyethylene (LLDPE) in order to achieve high strength and elasticity of the final product. Available for both hand and machine processing.
Self-adhesive polypropylene packaging tape with natural rubber glue. It offers maximum adhesion even at very low temperatures.
Plastic strapping (PP) made of polypropylene for manual, semiautomatic or automatic machines. It is suitable for binding pallets, boxes, packages, etc.
T-shirt bags, specially designed for use primarily in bakeries, supermarkets, confectioneries, greengrocers, butchers, fish shops, fast food stores, etc.
These bags are created using renewable resources of agricultural origin, specifically plant starch and corn.
Handle bag, designed and manufactured in an ideal way to combine many different features. Specifically, it is particularly user-friendly and lightweight, thus allowing the creation of several pieces per kilo and, at the same time, presenting excellent durability due to the patch on the handle.
Soft loop handle bags combine both strength and low cost. Their special design makes them ideally suited for clothing stores, footwear stores, gift shops, etc.
Courier bags for e-shops and courier companies with strong self-adhesive safety tape suitable for product shipments.
LDPE Sheet with special air cells ideal for the safe packaging of delicate/fragile products, such as furniture, aluminum profiles, electrical appliances, etc.
LDPE Sheet with special air cells ideal for the safe packaging of delicate/fragile products, such as furniture, aluminum profiles, electrical appliances, etc.
A product that combines the aeroplast properties with the advantages of paper.
Air Foil is an insulating energy mat, suitable to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summerι. Made with reflective insulating material of up to 97% UV.
Corrugated paper. Wavy paper in roll packaging. Ideal for covering areas you wish to keep clean and unaffected during conduction of work. It is also available for agricultural use.
Special sacks - hygiene bags (for the collection and transportation of solid hazardous waste of purely infectious products). They are suitable for Hospitals, Clinics, Surgeries, Military & Sports centers, and general health care facilities.
The best-suited method for the packaging of fruit and agricultural products. In accordance with all European food packaging standards, our product offers a natural touch, it is both soft and strong, and it allows the content to breathe and the consumer to clearly see and examine its condition. Made of polyethylene, suitable for consumables.
A special film used by companies supplying food and other consumer goods industries.
It is a flexible material that produces with different specifications, for coverage of the greenhouse frame.
The low cover film is a plastic film suitable for row crops such as watermelon, melon, tomato, etc., cultivated under low tunnels.
It offers higher soil temperature (early germination), weed control and allows fruit growth on a cleaner surface.
We produce a wide range of products suitable for agricultural use. Plant nursery bags for planting, hatching and transplanting plants. Manufactured in the desired dimensions upon request.
They are made of multilayer extruder. A special feature is the strong lamination, perfect gluing and printing up to 8 colors according to the logo and customer requirements.
Plastic bags suitable for the packaging of building materials.
Black waste bags, available in 20Kg packaging and various dimensions. Made of highly durable material, ideal for professional or home use.